What is Crossfit? Constantly varied functional movements at high intensity. You may not realize it but we all do Crossfit but in different forms. . . so lets break it down!

Constantly varied means to not put yourself in a bubble.  Changing things up everyday prepares us for the unknown. You never know what tomorrow brings so making sure your body can handle anything is key! things that we vary are load, time, reps and distance. I take pride in being a generalist and multitasking to get things done more effectively.

Functional movements means movements that are natural and perform on a regular basis. For example, dropping an object on the floor. As people get older simple movements as easy as bending over and picking up an object off the floor can throw out there back and cause great pain. In Crossfit we perform a movement called the deadlift. Working to strengthen our deadlift not only makes our legs, butt and back strong but helps us realize the proper way to bend down to pickup the lightest object so we do not hurt ourselves.

Another thing that lots of people don’t think about that we do often is picking up a child throwing them over your shoulder or a bag of heavy dog food. Those movements are normal movements that we do without thinking. In Crossfit we have a movement called the clean.  We perform this movement with all different types of weight like a barbell, sandbag, kettle bell, barbell to prepare our body for whatever life throws at us. If we do not work on strengthening those movements in different ways on a regular basis that makes us more susceptible to getting hurt especially as we get older.

High intensity means the intensity (power) in which we perform a movement. Intensity is measurable, observable and repeatable. The more we work on our mechanics (slow and fast) and use those small stabilizer muscles and train them to be able to move quickly or control them to move slowly the more likely they are to work properly when you need them.  Hi intensity not only challenges us physically but also mentally. your body wants to give up before your brain does. Most workouts half way through my body says no way I am going to finish 8 rounds but mentally I have to tap into my head and tell myself “I CAN DO THIS AND CAN’T GIVE UP” and I have yet to not finish what I started.  Crossfit has helped my body and brain work together with many life situations not only physically but also mentally. For example when I was 7 months pregnant with my first child I was walking my two dogs trying to stay active. Well on that walk someone’s dog got out of there yard and headed straight for my dogs. Instantly my body and mind had to react at a high intensity situation (heart was racing) to save my dogs. I literally had to drag them to safety into a neighbors house that saw what happened. This was not a situation I anticipated but could happen to anyone. We are all okay of course! The intensity in which you move is relative to the individual meaning we all have different levels of intensity. When I first started Crossfit I could not do a pull up to save my life. Now after 5 years of doing Crossift I can string together 5 strict or 15 kipping pull-up’s.

Many find Crossfit very intimidating and so did I at first.  If you don’t think outside the box and try something new you will never know what your full potential is until you test it and test it on a regular basis. Crossfit has been the best test not only for my body but also has made me stronger mentally!