Custom Keto Plans

cropped-karina-flores-chatfield-logo-23.jpgAll the information on-line can be confusing and overwhelming. Where do I start? What do I need? How can I minimize the effects of the Keto flu? I have helped many transition into a Keto lifestyle. I offer one on one Keto coaching and custom Keto plans!

Introductory meeting: (takes about 45 minutes): Overview of the Keto lifestyle and how things will change. You get a list of Keto foods and products to purchase. Collect all information needed to create a custom Keto plan catered to what you like to eat!

Total investment $50 (on time)


Accountability plan: This is for someone who wants to try Keto but needs the accountability. This includes unlimited text messages, questions on the go & eating out tips!

Total investment ($25 per week, 4 week minimum) total $100 per month


Custom meal plan: Includes a personalized meal plan created just for you. Includes macros, percentages and exact breakdown (in grams) of each meal. You also get a grocery list, recipes and cooking instructions.

Total investment ($100 per week, 2 week minimum, 4 weeks suggested to see best results) total $200+